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    We are the curious cats!

    Who said curiosity killed the cat? Luckily for me he was wrong!

    The Curious Cats project is a new way to understand and experience tourism.The original idea came while living in Istanbul where we discovered how much we enjoy strolling around new places, as cats do, and to get off the beaten track. It was here where the original ” The Curious Cats ” project was born.

    We’re young people who have lived for many years abroad and traveled in different countries. This experience showed us that standard tourism isn’t what we enjoy the most. So on returning to Catalonia, we decided to offer alternative tours for curious people like you in collaboration with GoBcn (specialists in cultural and thematic routes) and we started our THE CURIOUS CATS TRAVEL project  in Miami Platja ( Costa Daurada)

    Our mission

    The Curious Cats Travel is a company of receptive touristic services  with the main office in Miami Platja (Costa Daurada). Our mission is to spread the cultural, natural and gastronomic richness of the territory that surrounds us. We offer, in collaboration with other local companies, a variety of cultural tours, hiking excursions, gastronomic experiences, tickets, photography workshops and funny activities for the whole family


    Jaume Gaspà
    Director y Miembro Fundador


    In his early twenties Jaume decided he wanted to see the world, and since then he has lived in Argentina, Scotland, Italy, Thailand and Turkey. In his last Turkish journey, and after crossing his path with Elena, they decided to return to Catalonia and create together the new project of “The Curious Cats Barcelona” which eventually lead finally to The Curious Cats Travel

    Elena Senao
    Community Manager & Founding member


    Photographer, vocational traveler and pharmacist ” by mistake” ( The reason why she studied pharmacy remains an unsolved mystery).  Since 2001 she’s been traveling around Europe and Asia, starting with a first big trip from Istanbul to Beijing  following in the footsteps of Marco Polo through the Silk Road. She fell in love with the city of Istanbul and decided to settled down there a few years, where she founded “The Curious Cats Istanbul”