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    Location: Costa Dorada
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    Kite Surf in Costa Dorada

    Would you like to discover one of the most exciting and refreshing sports of the moment? Come and learn how to manage the wind and the kite while surfing the waves at high speed and, if you are brave enough, do some flips on the air!

    At our Kite Surf school we have many different courses and different levels, so you can enjoy the experience the best way. Take a look at the pictures here posted… a picture is worth a thousand words!

    Bautism Course

    • 2 hours course based on acquire the knowledge of wind, lines and kite. This course in done at the beach, not in the water.

    • 1 person 40€ / 2 people 70€ / 3 people or more 90€ (max. 8 people)

    • 1/2 hour Paddle Surf free

    Basic Course

    • 5 hours course spread over different days. We’ll have fun rising and feeling the pull of the kite over the water. This course is done in the water in shallow water where we can learn comfortably.

    • 1 person 190€ / 2 people 250€ / 3 people or more 300€ (max. 4 people)

    • 1 hour Paddle Surf free

    Intermediate Course

    • 10 hours course spread over different days. This is the course where we’ll enjoy surfing fast over the water. We’ll learn the Water Start from alone and many more things that will allow us to do what the course is meant to do, enjoy!

    • 1 person 350€ / 2 people 450€ / 3 people or more 540€ (max. 4 people)

    • 2 hour Paddle Surf free

    Advance Course

    • 15 hours course spread over different days. In this course you’ll learn everything, yes, everything! From the most advanced techniques, the shuntings to the flips.

    • 1 person 500€ / 2 people 600€ / 3 people or more 675€ (max. 4 people)

    • 3 hour Paddle Surf free

    In all our courses we give a final certification (IKO card) of acquired internationally recognized level.